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Why Get A Psychic Reading?

Sometimes we need a little nudge, insight, confirmation, guidance, and clarity...

With nearly 3 decades of practicing as a Psychic Intuitive, Starlein Fox's clients meet with her: 

To be divinely inspired, gain guidance or confirmation that you are on the right path.

To communicate with your spirit guides, ancestors, and angels.

To gain cosmic insight on situations that may arise in your life.

To find purpose in your life, explore what may not be working and what could work.

To explore options that available to you through astrology and palmistry. 

To understand and compare the compatibility of loved ones, family and coworkers.

To Feng Shui your mental clutter, clear energy centers, and balance your energy centers. 

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"I just had a reading with Starlein and she was amazing in her ability to describe my current relationship. She has this compatibility chart she does ... I would highly recommend this to anyone questioning their relationships. I received real clarity on what to expect from different personalities". 

Julie, Calgary, AB

"I have been a client of Starlein's for several years, she is really straight forward. I love her sense of humor. She is consistent and accurate. This is what keeps me coming back." 

Susan - Calgary, AB

"Wow!  How did you know all that stuff about me? That's just crazy. I was such a skeptic of psychics and now I'm a believer. Thanks for your insights Starlein." 

Robin - Calgary, AB


Pendulums are a personal favourite of mine.

They work from electromagnetic energy, your guidance system and the universal flow. They were used by our ancestors (and Albert Einstein!) for dowsing to Divine water underground, and there are are still people who them to find water. They are an amazing way for you to tap into your own system and I personally use mine every day.

Here are some typical questions that you might ask your pendulum:

• Do I really need this (if you were shopping)?
• Is this the best time to sell my house?
• Did I leave the keys in the house/garage?
• Was my ring stolen?
• Did my dog run away?

Pendulums are a great tool to take with you wherever you go – they fit in your purse or pocket!


"A very dear friend recommended Starlein. I had a previous reading from Starlein and was impressed with her insights as I shared somethings that were troubling me at that time. I decided to give her a call.

I recommend Starlein without any reservations. She is a gifted intuitive and reader. She is also a very caring and sweet person."

Doris Papillon

"I was so happy that I came and was able to meet you. You were everything and more than what I read on your website. Your sense of humour was so refreshing and your general presence was comforting.

I will do my "homework" and thank you for some of the tools you gave me in able to do that and when I reach a better place I will come and see you again.

Heart felt thank you. 😅"

Marlene House