Chakra Bath Recipe

Let’s face it no one is going to call you up and say : I’ve given you an hour this week of free time so you can pamper and take care of yourself.

So here’s my favorite tricks for taking care of myself.

Number 1

Because I am self employed  I make sure that I always have regular days off.

I drink a ton of water, as soon as I wake, 16 ounces then, every time I pee another 16 ounces goes in. This keeps me hydrated which effects all the major organs..

At the end of the day I like to take a chakra cleansing bath that helps to wash off the energy bits that I have picked up throughout the day from others.

                                  a pound of sea salt

                                  cup of Epsom salts

                             My favorite essential oils

                         geranium (good for hormone balancing)

                         lavender oil

                         (excellent stress relief and calming).

Take your laptop in the bathroom with you for some meditation music.


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