#Solar Eclipse 2017 # New Moon #Big Day

Today Is a powerful day. First of all it's a #new 🌙 moon in ♌️Leo. A new moon is about creating and manifesting what you want over the next month setting intentions. 

 the theme,that you are looking to do that in is love , ❤️ romance,creativity, play, dignity, determination, fun. Really think about where you are at and where you would like to be moving forward !

Next, we have the energy of the#Eclipse of the sun that is happening. This energy is creating a #restless 😬 wave 🌊 of #unfinished business. Eclipses upset the the natural order so be ready to have things shaken up for the next 6  months. Anything unfinished ...... time to really make a list of what do you really need for you ... please love and nurture yourself today..........