Phone Readings

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I work internationally, I have clients in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. And now, you can reach out to me, from wherever you happen to be reading this from.

I am in Calgary, Alberta, Canada which means I operate my hours on Mountain Time.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.There are occasionally times when we are not able to see objectively. Then there are times when we are just blind and overwhelmed to all. This is a good time for a phone reading.

All that is required is a photo sent to my cell 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Through psychometry I am able to pick up a lot of ‘vibes” and your energy from the photo. I use astrology ( planets), tarot cards, and a pendulum while we are talking on the phone. If you are wanting Mediumship make mention of this and have a photo.

30 minutes $75.    60 minutes $120.

* After making your payment, text or call to arrange a time for your phone session.