The first full moon of 2022 will be this week on Monday, January 17th at 6:48 pm.

As the Cancer Full Wolf Moon stirs up our emotions, there could be a releasing of grievances and unspoken hurt or lingering resentments rising to the surface.

The first full moon of the year starts us out with an emotional pull. Cancer a domestic Goddess rules mothers? women and food.

Take some time to honour your mother or mother figure, or, if you are a mother give yourself some well-deserved appreciation for what a good job you have done, or, are doing.

The domestic goddess of a full moon reminds us of this cancer moon - check in with your emotions. Any unresolved feelings will rise to the surface when combined with the also present Mercury Retrograde. The sign of Cancer rules food, so don?t be surprised if you find yourself eating your feelings or finding solace in your favourite comfort foods.

If you do find yourself feeling teary-eyed. Remember that our brains heat up when we feel stressed or trauma and tears help our brains cool down from feeling stressed.