About Starlein Fox

Healing Forest

My name is Starlein Fox and I am a Psychic Intuitive. I grew up in Calgary, Alberta and began developing my psychic skills in my early twenties after I experienced  a traumatic event in my life that resulted in depression. During this time in my life, I knew that I had to rediscover and redefine my purpose in life and so I devoted myself to personal growth through the study of esoteric and spiritual laws. Through this journey, I learned that I have natural psychic abilities and the gift of clairaudience and clairvoyance.

Today, after 27 years of meeting with various clients, I work with the ancient art of Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Past Life Regressions, and more recently, Mediumship. While all my clients feel like I have added such insight to their lives, the real gift is connecting with people and having the ability to provide them with answers, guidance, closure, new insights, confirmation, and even a spiritual connection to ancestors, spirit guides, and angels.

Each meeting I have with my clients is sacred to me as they confirm that my gift of being a psychic intuitive is more than a profession. The feedback that I receive from my clients is that my readings are specific, detailed, accurate, and down to earth.

I invite you to share a bit of your world with me by connecting with me.

Love and Light,  

Starlein Fox 


Somebody with Jenn & Kyle: January 22, 2022 
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