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Helping you  is my goal. I want you to leave my office with clarity and a lighter heart. In-Studio Session includes Tarot, Planet Profiles, Clairvoyance Clairaudient, Pendulum and sometimes Mediumship.  If you are open and ready  to explore, the richer your  experience will be. 

$130 per session, 60 minutes.
Make it a combo! $150 for a 30 minute studio session plus a 30 minute Chakra or Palm service.
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Life can be a little inconvenient at times. Zoom is the perfect solution.If you happen to live on the other side of the world, or maybe just across town (Calgary, Alberta, Canada). When there is a snowstorm, or your car is in repair, you come to my studio, via Zoom or Skype. Easy.

What most customers want to know is will it work if I'm not there in the same room as you? Yes. energy is always energy, and it doesn't discriminate about where you are located. I can feel your energy across my table or all the way to Egypt or France.

When purchasing use the  In Studio Session tab.
$130 per session, 60 minutes
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Feel connected to your loved one. Get a different perspective of your Lover. If we can see life from a different viewpoint that often affects how we respond. “Happily ever after is not a fairy tale. It is a choice.” The sacred circle & compatibility are discussed during your couples reading.
$150 per couple, 60 minutes
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Every cell in your body contains wisdom. Reiki connects your life force energy to the wisdom of your cells. Reiki will create a flow of energy and remove blockages. When we improve the flow we can reduce pain, speed healing and reduce symptoms. Stagnant energy creates blockages removing these allows the body to heal itself.

*depression*chronic pain*infertility*cancer* autism*and more can be worked on with a very gentle approach.

In person and distance $130, 60 minutes
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Do you have unexplained phobias or fears? Do you have a talent that you're naturally able to do like play an instrument without lessons? Ever travelled to a far away land and felt an instant connection? Many people, when we first meet them, there's a strong repel without explanation. Family members and spouses often trigger us and there can be deep past life stories that we can work with to bring in healing. These are the signs of a past life connection. 
$150 per session, 60 minutes
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I work internationally, I have clients in Australia, Europe, Africa, Asia and North America. And now, you can reach out to me, from wherever you happen to be reading this from.

I am in Calgary Alberta Canada which means I operate my hours on Mountain. Time.

Sometimes life throws you a curve ball.There are occasionally times when we are not able to see objectively. Then there are times when we are just blind and overwhelmed to all. This is a good time for a phone reading.

All that is required is a photo sent to my cell 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Through psychometry I am able to pick up a lot of ‘vibes” and your energy from the photo. I use astrology ( planets), tarot cards, and a pendulum while we are talking on the phone. If you are wanting Mediumship make mention of this and have a photo.

$80, 30 minute session.  $130, 60 minute session.
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Make your next function a complete success. It's so easy. Book me for a minimum of 2 hours and I will provide mini-readings of Tarot or Palmistry for your next function. It's really a lot of fun and I keep it very light and positive.
$350 for 2 hours, for every hour after $120 per hour.

*** Please contact me before you book at 403-702-1822 so we can discuss the details! ***

HOME PARTIES – (Bridal, Bachelorette, Birthdays, Baby's, Girl's Night)

Whatever the reason, or season, I’ll show up and make your party something to remember! 

Party readings consist of 1 of the following readings: Tarot, Palms, Past Lives,Mediumship, you choose.
Group parties are $350. Plus tax. 2 hours.
120 minutes divided by number of people to give you minutes spent with each person.  Party host to organize payment, and deposit.

*** Please contact me before you book at 403-702-1822 so we can discuss the details! ***


You come with Spirit Guides. You don’t have to transcend, or know a monk to have access to them. We do need to raise our vibration/frequency, and get in to a very relaxed state of mind to make that connection.  I will guide you through a deep mediation and create a hypnotic environment where you will meet and  see your guide, moving forward you will understand how to pull them forward, to ask for help , guidance, and assistance in your everyday life.
$150 per session, 1 hour
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gift card

Give the gift of a studio session / or studio session with an add on of Palmistry, or Chakra Balance to save.

These cards can also as a credit towards any of my services
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The Chakra balance is a system I developed to clear out the physical and the auric body, to make way for, flowing energy. I smudge , clear and activate the chakras.

Crystals are used to activate the chakras.

Reiki symbols and hands on to activate your higher self. Healing Crystal sound bowl (sound therapy)  The crystal bowl contains 7 centres that correlate with the chakras this transfers pure light energy into your auric field, and balances electromagnetic energies.

Highly recommend if you are stressed, uptight, or just want some pampering. You will feel like you are in a spa with chimes and soft lighting. Reboot and refresh!

$80 per session, 30 minutes.
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Palmistry is an ancient system, of reading fortune, and destiny in your life.Palmistry is  very effective for reading the character of a person. Marriages, health, babies, travel are part of the journey through palm reading.The lines, shape and scribbles all have significance on the palms. What does your hands say?

$80 per session, 30 minutes.
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Starlein Fox is not responsible for, nor is accountable for any decisions that you make based on a session.